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"All About John Deere for Kids Part 2" VHS

All About John Deere for Kids Part 2 A McComas/Stachler Production More fun and fascinating facts about farming and John Deere tractors. See John Deere Combines harvesting wheat, soybeans, and corn. Learn how grapes and pumpkins are harvested. We trace the history of the John Deere dozer, from the Lindeman crawler tractor to the dozers of today. More fun with jam-prone Otto, See diesels and steam locomotives delivering John Deere equipment. Another nice segment on John Deere toys. New songs by James Coffey. These videos can be enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups. You'll see something new every time you watch, 50 minutes

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   "All About John Deere for Kids Part 3" VHS - NEW More exciting John Deere action Ė both new and vintage John Deere tractors set to the award-winning music of James Coffey. We visit Plow Day where 15 Johnny Poppers are plowing with everything up to a six-bottom plow pulled by powerful 820. We travel to the Northwest to see Feller Bunchers,Skidders, Knuckleboom Loaders, and Log Harvesters in action. Then we go to a log mill and see trees become lumber. We show Cotton Pickers, Front-End Loaders, more night harvesting, and Sprayers in action plus a lot more. If you enjoyed the first two shows in the John Deere series, youíll love Part Three. 50 minutes.Available til mid November
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  All About John Deere For Kids Part 4 VHS - Climb aboard for more adventures with John Deere. See a John Deere 9520 tractor and 1600 elevated scraper, decorated with over 20 miles of Christmas lights, take part in the Festival of Lights Parade in Palm Springs, California. Remember the beat-up old H you saw in Part 1? Well, now it looks brand new thanks to a sparkling paint job. We show you how itís done.See a John Deere Dozer help put out a brush fire, John Deere windrowers and hay balers, graders and back-hoes -all in action plus a spectacular train/farm exhibit featuring John Deere model trains and toys.ore new songs by James Coffey and watch out - Otto is at the controls of a remote control John Deere 9520!


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